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Back to School: Inspiration with The Lunchbox Mama


When it comes to preparing and packing lunches for school we can often be confused about what to include, especially when it comes to fussy eaters. We have teamed up with our friend @thelunchbox.mama to get some tips and inspiration for creating healthy and well balanced lunches for your littles ones.

A little bit of everything, hitting all the food groups:
Strawberry jam star sandwiches, cucumber, grapes and raspberries, cheesy crackers, tiny cheese cubes and some dried fruit snacks (Bear snacks if you want the brand)

Packed in Yumbox Classic

Cheesy Star Scones
Homemade airfryer cheese scones (recipe included below), cocktail sausages, fruit salad of strawberries and red grapes, cucumber crown (Step by step guide also below) and mini breadsticks to dip in a little chocolate spread.

Packed in Yumbox Classic

Pizza Pinwheels
Made using shop bought puff pastry, a little tomato puree and grated cheese (could add any pizza toppings in too!) These can be made in advance and frozen, and baked from frozen (at 180'C for 15-17mins) (freeze in a single layer for a couple hours before popping into a freezer bag).Packed with fruit kebabs (on stix by @thelunchpunch), a veggie rainbow, a yoghurt tube and a jammy biscuit.

Packed in the Yumbox Tapas

5th Birthday lunch
Jam sandwiches with '5' cutout, strawberry jelly (set in the tray overnight first) mini scotch egg, cocktail sausages, bread sticks for dipping in chocolate spread, mini party rings and cucumber crowns (we like them a lot, can you tell!! If it makes them eat more veg, then I'm here for it!!)

Packed in the Yumbox Classic

Kiddie Charcuterie
Avoid sending sandwiches every day and send crackers, meats, cheese, fruits and olives for something different!

Packed in the Yumbox Classic

Cooled cheese toasties
Make a great change from the usual sandwich and are great when the loaf of bread is getting a little past it's best! (Cool fully before packing to avoid it going soggy). Packed with mini scotch eggs, raisin, flapjack, strawberries, cucumber crown and fromage frais.

Packed in the Yumbox Classic

Easter Some days it's worth the extra effort to send a themed lunch!!
Bunny sandwiches, boiled egg hatching chick, strawberries, cucumber and carrot flowers, popcorn and a couple of mini oreos and some sliced chicken bunnies.

Packed in the Yumbox Classic


Scone recipe is super simple:

  • 225g self raising flour
  • 30g butter (soft - or in a hurry can get away with baking spread)
  • a pinch of salt

Rub together with your fingertips until there are no big lumps and everything looks like crumbs.

 Add grated cheese of your choice - I do a couple of handfuls of strong, vintage cheddar! - mix to distribute the cheese.

 Add 60ml water and 60ml of whole milk and mix with a knife until the dough all comes together.

 Turn mixture onto a lightly floured board and squash flat, leaving it about 3cm thick, and cut into shapes - either use a knife and go for squares or triangles or have fun with cutters and make some hearts or stars!

 Move the cut scones onto a greased baking tray (or use a non-stick tray or silicon liner) and brush with a little milk. Bake in a preheated oven at 220'C for 10 mins until golden brown.

 Cool slightly and enjoy warm at home or cool fully before packing for lunches.

 Note: scones are best on the day they're baked, but are super quick to make in a morning and even work made in a stand mixer to speed it up!


Start with a small chunk of cucumber. Using a small, sharp, pointed knife cut an approximately 1cm a diagonal line about halfway along the cucumber chunk.


Next to this, cut another small cut with the diagonal the other way (to form a zig zag).


Continue all the way around, cutting approximately into the middle of the cucumber each time (you don't need to be too accurate, don't worry!) When you've gone all the way around and the lines have met up, simply open the cucumber up and ta-dah! Two crowns!

A big thank you to The Lunchbox Mama for providing us with such yummy inspiration!
You can find her on Instagram here: The Lunchbox Mama

Rachel also has a discount code for Yumboxes, accessories and more over at use code YUMBOXMAMA